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Exterior Prep Work

Exterior Prep Before Painting Wood Siding

First, we dig approximately 5 inch-deep trenches around the foundation of the structure. We start out with power-washing the exterior of the entire house or building with a heavy-duty machine to remove dirt and debris. Then we work on open cracks, remove loose stucco for patching, and repair damaged stucco. Next, we scrape off loose paint and sand wood surfaces. We patch damaged areas to match the adjacent area. Also, we replace damaged and rotten wood when necessary (with the owner’s approval). After this, we spot prime coat or full prime coat as needed. We also repair and fix damaged wood, window putty and waterproof caulking in joints and corners. We carefully cover and mask unpainted surfaces, and finally, we are ready to get started on the exterior painting!

We also perform meticulous detail touch-up and we clean up the entire job site for your final inspection. Please don’t forget we are still working until you give us the final “OK” and are satisfied with our work.

Please also see how we perform interior prep work.

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